Overview Components Light2DSource.cs Light2DMask.cs Events Overview Add a Light2dSource or Light2dMask component to the object you want to make it into a light. Scripts/Core/Light2DBase.cs Base class of ‘Light2dSource’ and ‘Light2dMask’. It contains. Scripts/Light2DSource.cs Render light. Light be blocked by objects with colliders. Scripts/Light2DMask.cs Makes invisible light and responds to the Sprite component’s ‘Mask Interaction’ property. […]

The amazing 2D Lights and Shadows solution :: Lighting and Masking system. :: One step to add a light and mask to the scene. :: Supports Polygon, Box, Edge and Circle colliders. :: Fully compatible with Unity sprite system. :: Zero Garbage Collection footprint after initialization. :: Realtime preview in editor. :: Provide auto and […]