Overview Components SpriteTrail.cs Public Methods Export and Import Properties Overview Add a ShockwaveEffect component to the MeshRenderer object you want to effect to. Scripts/ShockwaveEffect.cs Activate the Shockwave effect by adding this component. Components SpriteTrail.cs The ShockwaveEffect component has following options. Property Function Intensity The intensity at which the background is distorted by the NormalMap. Normal […]

Shockwave Effect Shockwave Effect is Shader based effect that distort background scene. Features • Very easy to setup, no programming required • Works with 2D and 3D • Provide sorting layer and order • Provide sample normalmap textures Parameters • Intensity • Normalmap texture

Overview Components SpriteTrail.cs Public Methods Export and Import Properties Overview Add a SpriteTrail component to the scene object contains SpriteRenderer. SpriteTrail/Scripts/SpriteTrail.cs By adding this component to the GameObject that contains the SpriteRenderer can make trail of sprite.   Components SpriteTrail.cs The Light2DSource component has following options. Property Function Method Set to Time to emit trail […]

The amazing 2D Sprite Trail solution. SpriteTrail is a very easy and powerful solution that allow users to create trail of any SpriteRenderer.   • One step to add a component to the scene. • Fully compatible with Unity sprite system. • Provide auto and manual update of trail. • Support gradient trail colors. • […]

Overview Components Light2DSource.cs Light2DMask.cs Events Overview Add a Light2dSource or Light2dMask component to the object you want to make it into a light. Scripts/Core/Light2DBase.cs Base class of ‘Light2dSource’ and ‘Light2dMask’. It contains. Scripts/Light2DSource.cs Render light. Light be blocked by objects with colliders. Scripts/Light2DMask.cs Makes invisible light and responds to the Sprite component’s ‘Mask Interaction’ property. […]

The amazing 2D Lights and Shadows solution :: Lighting and Masking system. :: One step to add a light and mask to the scene. :: Supports Polygon, Box, Edge and Circle colliders. :: Fully compatible with Unity sprite system. :: Zero Garbage Collection footprint after initialization. :: Realtime preview in editor. :: Provide auto and […]

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